Ethical, Inclusive, and Sustainable Fashion: Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

Gender Neutral Sustainable Clothing

Gender neutral sustainable clothing focuses on ethical manufacturing, organic fabrics, and circular production. Many brands also support LGBTQ+ organizations and queer events to promote inclusivity within the fashion industry.

These brands prioritize quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that their products are designed to last. They also use recycled materials to limit their environmental impact.

Riley Studio

Creating garments that last, Riley Studio designs a collection for life and offers a lifetime guarantee. The brand uses ECONYL yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed textile waste, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, linen, recot, and lyocell. They produce in small, limited runs to prevent overproduction and all their factories are SMETA audited.

They prioritize transparency to put people and the planet first, naming all suppliers next to each product. They also make a point of producing close to home so they can vet production and workers regularly. Their pricing strikes the perfect balance between affordability and fairness. They even offer free repair kits for any piece that needs a fix!

Origami Customs

Gender neutral clothing is growing in popularity as more people choose to identify as nonbinary or as gender fluid. These sustainable genderless fashion brands prioritize design and quality over gender conformity to create clothes that look good on any body type.

Founded by trans designer Rae Hill, Origami Customs is all about making gender-affirming underwear that fits nonbinary and queer bodies. Their best-selling binder is a perfect example, with comfortable hidden seams and medium to high compression. They’re designed and handmade in Tiohtia:ke/Montreal by Rae and two other dressmakers. Depending on the order, it can take up to two hours for them to make one garment.


Founded with a feminist ethos in 2012 by Portland tomboy-chic brand-builders Emma Mcilroy, Taralyn Thuot, and Julia Parsley (who used to work for Nike), WILDFANG’s gender-neutral styles are both bold and sustainable. They use organic cotton, upcycled deadstock, and solvent-free polyurethane for a lineup of dressers and statement tees.

The company also partners with local sewing communities for production and uses a water recycling program to lower its footprint. Their empowering designs are available at Nordstrom and PacSun in XXS-XXL sizes.

Human Nation

Gender-neutral clothing is becoming increasingly popular amongst fashion shoppers. This new trend of genderless sustainable fashion brands puts design above gender conformity. They use recycled materials to create androgynous clothes for all ages.

They also do not use wool, fur, down, exotic animal hair, or angora in their designs. Their environment rating is ‘good’ because they limit the amount of energy and water used in their production.

Founded by power couple Ciara and Russell Wilson, this sustainable gender-fluid brand prioritizes size inclusivity with T-shirts, sweatpants and joggers in XXS-XL sizes. They also donate 3% of their proceeds to the Why Not You Foundation.


Gender neutral sustainable clothing brands like Olderbrother embrace a transparent approach to fashion with whimsical styles that look and feel good on a wide variety of bodies. Their non binary clothing is released in nature-inspired biannual seasonal collections with names like Fermentation or Pollination. Their unique dyes are cultivated using natural plan tannins, wood bark, hibiscus, and even edible pigments.

The brand focuses on slow fashion, and it works with ethical factories close to their studio to vet production and labor practices regularly. Their collection of tees, pants, and shirts are playfully eco-sustainable in natural, muted colors with designs that are both feminine and masculine.

Lonely Kids Club

The Sydney based brand is focused on eco-friendly materials and manufacturing their clothing locally. This reduces their carbon footprint and minimizes textile waste. They also use natural dyes like hibiscus and sustainable wood bark to keep their clothes as chemical-free as possible.

The gender fluid brand, marketed towards both men and women, has a variety of styles including jeans, sweatshirts, and pants. They also offer size inclusive clothing ranging from XXS to 7XL.

NYC-based Eckhaus Latta counts it-girl Chloe Sevigny as one of its loyal customers, but they’re not the only brand to offer a line of genderless sustainable clothing. Another option is the US-based Telfar, which features everything from branded sweat sets to puffer jackets and oversized jeans.

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