Gender Neutral Work Wear

Gender neutral work wear is a wardrobe staple for those who prefer androgynous clothing or want to defy expectations of gender. If you want to go down this route, avoid tight-fitting trousers. Go for wide leg, pleated or cargo pants instead.

If you want to try out androgynous fashion in a more sustainable way, check out Riley Studio who produce all their apparel (t-shirts, tops, bottoms, loungewear and accessories) in small runs. All fabrics are eco-friendly and are sourced from OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified organic cotton.

1. Plain tees

A good place to start if you’re looking for gender neutral work wear is plain tees. There are a number of brands that sell these in a range of colors and styles from the likes of PacSun, who have launched their own gender-free eco-fashion line with a selection of cotton-based staples. Another great option is Cosmos Studio, who make their tees and tops from sustainable and ethical practices. They use bamboo viscose that is regenerated or made via a zero wastewater process and are dyed with environmentally friendly Green Spun.

The brand also offers a selection of shirts with different sleeves and necklines to accommodate all types of bodies. For a more casual look try a tee with a button shirt and long cardigan worn over wide leg trousers (pleated works really well). Tonle is an excellent alternative if you want to shrug off fashion industry waste with their Gender Expansive collection of dresses, pants, shorts jumpsuits, skirts and jackets.

2. A blazer

Whether you’re a man who steers clear of overtly feminine clothing, or a woman who prefers a gender neutral look, the blazer is an ideal workwear choice. A step above sports jackets and less formal than a suit coat, it’s a versatile piece that goes well with any type of pants or skirt. Blazers are typically navy blue in colour and constructed from hardwearing fabrics like worsted serge, flannel, and hopsack.

Unlike androgynous fashion which often combines masculine and feminine elements, gender neutral designs go beyond any kind of sex classification. The styles created by these brands aim to erase the divide between men’s and women’s apparel, with their unisex shirts, trousers, suits, and loungewear.

Invest in a quality blazer and you’ll have a versatile wardrobe item that will never go out of style. Pair it with your favourite denim jeans, chinos, or tailored flannel trousers for a casual take, or go for the more sophisticated option of wearing yours with a skirt and tie.

3. Overalls

Overalls, also known as dungarees, are one-piece workwear jumpsuits made of sturdy materials like denim and corduroy. These garments typically have a bib front and suspenders that clasp around the shoulders. Overalls are popular in a variety of industries because they offer full coverage and plenty of storage space.

You can dress them up or down depending on the look you’re going for. For example, you can wear overalls with a button-down shirt or turtleneck for an autumnal look or you could create a more formal outfit by adding a blazer.

If you want to dress gender neutral, avoid tight fitted trousers. Instead, go for wide leg jeans (pleated works well), cargo pants or slacks. Gender neutral patterns are a must, too. Try herringbone, plaid or houndstooth for a versatile option that fits masc and femme styles alike. You can also find a great range of workwear in gender neutral fabric choices such as cotton duck and denim.

4. Wide-legged pants

A pair of wide-legged pants are great gender neutral work wear for those looking for a relaxed look. They come in different lengths from cropped to full-length and can be paired with a variety of shoes. The elongating effect of the trousers can also be accentuated with a vertical stripe.

For a more formal look, pair your wide-legged trousers with an oversized blazer. This will help to balance out the volume of the trousers and will create a sleek silhouette.

Alternatively, try a wide-leg jumpsuit for a streamlined and cohesive look from top to bottom. This style is perfect for summer and can be worn with flat shoes or a pair of block heeled boots. Wide-leg pants are a great way to emphasize curvy hips, but they can also be flattering for those with slimmer legs. The best wide-leg pants are made from breathable, flowing fabrics that are soft and comfortable. These can be paired with a blouse or t-shirt in a complementary color to create a stylish look.

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