Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands: Reflecting Diversity with Sustainable and Affordable Fashion

5 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

As gender norms shift, we need new wardrobe staples that reflect our diversity. Luckily, there are many clothing brands that offer gender-neutral aesthetics and are sustainable, ethically produced, and affordable.

Wildfang is a Portland-based brand that’s knocking down gender norms with its inclusive apparel lineup. They carry everything from coveralls to button-ups, and they’re even climate neutral certified.


One DNA’s contemporary wardrobe essentials break down the boundary between womenswear and menswear without compromising style. Their gender-fluid shirts, suits and loungewear have appeared in American Vogue and Highsnobiety and are sold in boutiques worldwide. The eponymous label is a black, woman and queer owned-and-operated small business that donates 10% of profits to non-profits that advocate for women.

For a splurge, I love the luxe androgynous styles from Eckhaus Latta. This brand uses unique materials like New York City’s garment industry waste to manufacture attention-grabbing pieces for any era. Their tees, jeans and outerwear are also sustainable in a more traditional sense. They use GOTS and OEKO-TEKO certified organic cotton, linen, and recot (organic rayon and recycled polyester) and work with SMETA audited factories that prioritize worker safety.


This gender-fluid clothing brand was started in a Portland apartment by queer folks who wanted to create androgynous clothes that reflect how they feel on the inside. They make button-downs that are long enough to tuck in and designed without boob gaps, as well as pants, skirts, and dresses. They also donate to LGBTQ and women’s rights organizations.

The brand is climate-neutral-certified and uses sustainable fabrics. Their factories meet strict standards for energy efficiency and water conservation and use intentional wastewater management. They’re also working on an 18-month plan to reduce their emissions, including replacing wasteful packaging with biodegradable alternatives. They’re also reducing their equipment energy consumption and minimizing textile waste.

Big Bud

Gender-fluid and size-inclusive, this brand understands that standard women’s sizes don’t fit all bodies. They use numerical sizing to make sure you can find the best fit. They offer shirts (including baby tees, turtlenecks, and polos) as well as dresses, pants that can be worn as a dress, and jumpsuits.

This company makes some of the chicest tonal loungewear, and they only use nontoxic, organic materials. They also plant, protect, or restore one tree for every purchase made. That’s some serious environmental good-doing. Their clothes are also locally made in LA and traced from production to the final product stage. Their manufacturing partners are free from sweatshops.


Gender-fluid clothing brand CBAAF has been worn by celebrities like Big Sean and A$AP Rocky. The black-owned label creates not-your-average tie-dyed pieces with a late ’90s aesthetic. It’s also a favorite among those seeking sustainable, ethically-sourced apparel.

The brand’s tees are made from recycled materials and the brand works closely with its factories to vet and visit them regularly. They also produce their own dyes using hibiscus and repurposed wood bark to keep it all as natural as possible.

The gender-inclusive line also has sweat sets and tees in a range of earthy hues. Plus, their tees are available in XXS-7XL, improving the odds of finding a fit that rocks your curves.

Nudie Jeans

Brands like Olderbrother are creating genderless garments that can be worn by men, women, or those who don’t identify as either. They use a variety of natural dyes and fabrics, including hibiscus or sustainable wood bark, to create unique designs that fit any body. They also source their materials close to home, so they can vet production and ethics regularly.

Nudie Jeans is another sustainable denim brand that specializes in Instagram-worthy dry selvage jeans. They’re a member of Fair Wear and are transparent about their supply chain. They also offer a free repair program and reuse their jeans, which is great for the environment.


While gender-neutral clothing is becoming more common, it’s still a challenge to find pieces that fit well. It’s important to read the sizing charts when shopping for clothes online, as many brands have different sizing standards.

This gender-inclusive fashion brand is committed to sustainable design and features a wide range of sizes, from XXS-7XL. They also offer a peer-to-peer exchange through their Redo program, so you can sell clothes you’ve outgrown.

Gender-neutral clothing is a great way to express your personality and style. However, you may need to examine your taste more carefully to find the right pieces. For example, dresses are often seen as feminine, but a non-binary person can rock one just as easily as anyone else.

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