The Rise of Gender-Neutral Fashion

Gender Neutral Clothing Is Here to Stay

The idea of gender-neutral clothing may seem radical, but it’s here to stay. Gen Z shoppers have proven that gender doesn’t define them, allowing brands to abandon traditional gender categories and make clothes for everybody.

Companies like TomboyX produce gender-inclusive undergarments that fit a variety of body types. Other retailers have rolled out collections of gender-neutral jeans and hoodies.


While fast-fashion retailers tend to offer gender-neutral clothing, most of it resembles converted men’s or women’s looks. However, the fashion-forward brands on our list like Jacq use a gender-neutral design process that includes a focus on sustainability and high-quality fabrics for gorgeous silhouettes that can be worn by anyone.

Similarly, Riley Studio is another sustainable brand that uses ECONYL yarn (made from recycled fishing nets), organic cotton, wool, linen, recot and lyocell to create beautiful silhouettes. They also plant, protect or restore one tree for every purchase.

Lastly, Lonely Kids Club is a gender-fluid clothing brand that is also a champion for mental health awareness. They offer tees, hoodies and sweatpants that aren’t defined as masculine or feminine. In addition to their unique aesthetics, these labels are also focused on keeping their fabrics natural and use non-toxic dyes from plants like hibiscus, wood bark, madder root and fungal enzymes. And their cotton-based styles are made close to their studio so they can vet production and worker protections regularly.

Casual Wear

If you’re a casual dresser who doesn’t identify with any specific gender, it’s likely that you already have some great options. Several clothing lines have started to blur the line between menswear and womenswear, allowing anyone to pick what looks best on them.

Gender-inclusive basics include jeans and T-shirts. For a more feminine look, dresses are also a great option — as long as you feel comfortable in them. For androgynous shoppers craving a splash of color, the namesake South African brand Mnisi is worth checking out. These styles are a bit more of a splurge, but they’re a surefire way to impress in any setting.

For a gender-free wardrobe that combines style with sustainability, ClHu offers a variety of pieces ranging from tees to skirts and dresses. They work with a number of ethical factories and run sizes XXS-7XL, improving your odds of finding something that fits well. The Brooklyn-based designer, Kirrin Finch, explores artistic exploration and eco friendly practices. Her designs aim to challenge societal norms and provide freedom of expression for whoever wears them.

Formal Wear

Gender-neutral clothing is a popular category for fashion lovers who prioritize personal expression over style or gender identification. These individuals are often drawn to minimalist styles and oversized clothing items that fit comfortably. Gender-fluid, androgynous or agender styles are also common among this segment.

The demand for gender-neutral fashion has risen due to the rise of social media and consumer empowerment. Consumers are now able to voice their opinions and preferences directly to retailers, which has led to an increase in the number of brands offering gender-free options.

Many of these designs blur the lines between traditional menswear and womenswear, including tailored suits with feminine details, flowy tunics and unisex jumpsuits. In terms of color, neutral shades like greys, beiges and earthy tones are favored. However, androgynous styles often incorporate pops of color to convey a unique aesthetic. Fashion brand Zero Waste Daniel offers a wide range of stylish, gender-neutral styles using sustainable materials like New York City garment waste.


During the coronavirus pandemic, many people stayed home and worked from their homes, which meant a lot of comfort-based apparel was sold. Among these is loungewear, which is loose-fitting clothing that’s more polished than PJs but less formal than a suit. It’s been embraced by brands that promote gender-fluid fashion, like the sustainable brand TomboyX, which offers undergarments that are designed to fit any body.

Other designers that challenge gender norms include New York-based Telfar, which uses bold and ethereal fabrics to create its gender-neutral designs, and Spain’s Alejandro Gomez Palomo, who creates ethereal pieces that blur the lines between womenswear and menswear. Gender-neutral fashion can be hard to find, but stores are starting to roll out collections that don’t have specific colors and fits for boys, girls, men, and women. Search for “gender-neutral,” “gender-inclusive,” or “gender-fluid” to find the right pieces. It’s also important to check sizing guidelines, as size varies by brand and label.

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